Exciting activities in Elche

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Things to do in Elche

Get to know Costa Blanca better and discover things to do, and where.

Since we have written about exciting activities in an earlier blog, many of our readers asked for more of these activities. And as we have not been back to spend a day in Elche for more than a year ago, we decided to go there once more and present you exciting activities in Elche.

How to get to Elche?

The city of Elche otherwise known as the city of palm trees lays just south of Alicante and is very easy to reach, by car and public transport. Just follow the A-7 from Alicante in the direction of Murcia and you can take one of the three exits that give access to the town. From the airport of Alicante, you cross or go by Torrellano to reach the northern part of the city.

No visits to many cultural sites today, today we propose activities full of action and suitable for all ages, so they are perfect for a family day out.

Multi-Adventure Park

As we said before Elche is also known as the city of palm trees and this adventure park shows us why. They built it in an unbelievable natural outdoor environment. A leisure center of 40.000 m2 in a palm grove that Unesco declared a World Heritage Site.

exciting activities in Elche

There are many activities and circuits for kids and grown-ups of all ages so that everyone in the family can enjoy a day here. They have tracks with ziplines for small children and their immensely high towers are for the bravest of adults. And because the park has the environment and nature as their priority, the entrance to the park is free and you only pay for the activities that you do.

And after so much adrenaline and fun, it is no problem to relax in the park. You can take a boat ride on their lake, walk amidst all the palm trees and listen to the birds or have a meal and a drink at their restaurant.

exciting activities in Elche

The park is located just a few minutes outside the city center and it bases the development on the preservation of the environment. In particular the protection of the palm grove. More information…

Rio Safari

The role of zoos in the present society is different than it was some decades ago. It can be summarized in one line: extinction is forever! Wild animals need habitats and ecosystems to provide for all the necessary elements to thrive as species. In today’s world, these conditions are ever more reduced every day.

Therefore, the Rio Safari Zoo in Elche takes on the responsibility. Like many other zoos, to carry out international programs for conservation, reproduction, and management of animal populations in captivity. All in order to be able to preserve many species. Because of that, a visit to this park with your family can be a way to re-connect with nature. Meanwhile, you can enjoy family time, each other’s company, and build healthy family memories.

exciting activities in Elche

Not only a Zoo

Like the multi-adventure park, the zoo is also located in a spectacular field of palm trees. Hundreds of amazing and interesting animals from all directions of the wind call it home. On top of that, the park has an average of 320 days of sunshine each year. You can visit the park and discover all the creatures while you walk around. Another option is to hop on the expedition train. This trail winds into the enclosed areas, so you can see the animals up close and personal.

exciting activities in Elche

The Safari park has picnic areas, a restaurant and in summer they open the aquatic park, without any extra costs. Besides all this, there are also a go-karts track and a trampoline area in the main square. More information…

We think these two options are more than enough exciting activities in Elche with adrenaline and nature for now. We will present more activities in other blogs.


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