Exciting Activities in the Costa Blanca

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Fun activities

Get to know Costa Blanca better and discover things to do, and where.

We have started a series of Blogs of exciting activities in Costa Blanca and we have found two more great things to do that will have your adrenaline rushing. Enjoy these suggestions and enjoy them with your family or friends once all this is over and behind us!

Experience Hot Air Balloon Flights

exciting activities in the costa blanca

When we were young, all of us at some point have had a dream in which we could fly. We have found a place where you can make this dream come true. José Antonio Moreno, the owner of AeroGlobo with 25 years of experience invites you to join him on an amazing hot air balloon flight. He and his team of family members work with only one goal in mind: to make your hot air balloon flight a unique and exceptional experience.

This family-run business uses three different kinds of hot air balloons with capacities from 4 to 13 persons to offer unforgettable moments. They offer flights to companies looking for team-building experiences, apart from family trips or romantic flights, especially for couples. They even offer gift cards so you can surprise a friend or loved one with an incredible gift. More information about this exciting activity in Costa Blanca on the AeroGlobo Website.

For those of you who are afraid of heights and prefer to stay on the ground, we have found another exciting activity in Costa Blanca. Buckle up for this one!

Benidorm Buggies Tours around Benidorm

Take a guided Buggy tour in or around Benidorm for a few hours, half a day, or the entire day. You can choose the package that suits you best without worrying about the language. Because all these tours are guided and the guides speak Spanish, English, Dutch, and German.

exciting activities in the costa blanca

Just like the hot air balloon company they have multiple packages to choose from. You can go on a tour with your guide and drive through Benidorm to climb up the winding road towards the viewpoint of the cross on the Sierra Helada. This viewpoint has amazing views over the entire town, the mountains, and the coastline towards Alicante.

Or get out of the city

Another possibility is to follow your guide to the countryside. He takes you along the beautiful riverbeds of the Algar river that runs from Callosa to Altea. It offers a completely different view of Costa Blanca than the one you are used to. They even offer a tour that takes you all the way up to the waterfalls of the Fonts de Algar.

exciting activities in the costa blanca

And as if that is not enough, their half-day and full-day tours include even more exciting activities. Besides driving your buggy, they also include kayaking, hiking, and a powerboat ride in these packages.

So if you like going off-road and enjoy the Costa Blanca in a different way, you find more information on the Benidorm Buggies Website.

That’s it for now with exciting activities on the Costa Blanca. Read our earlier blog for more exciting activities and feel free to comment if you know of any that we have not yet talked about. Don’t forget to bookmark our site, by now you must have found out we offer a lot of useful information that comes in useful at any moment of the day.

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