Hogueras in Alicante

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The Bonfires

Las hogueras (the Bonfires) in Alicante are approaching and throughout the month of June, there are different events in Alicante.

hogueras in alicante, the bonfires

The Bonfires of Sant Joan are the most representative festivals of the city of Alicante. They are celebrated every year from the twentieth of June until the 24th. Several weeks before the main event begins there are many other events. Such as the proclamation of the Bellea del Foc (the queen of the bonfire) and the first mascletás (pyrotechnics show).

Just like every year the Plaza de Los Luceros is the place where they ignite these mascletás. This year they begin with the exhibition versions on June 2 .8 and 9. From the 15th to the 24th of June the mascletás of the official contest will be launched daily.

hogueras in alicante, the bonfires

One of the most anticipated and most attended events of the Hogueras public is the International folkloric parade.

hogueras in alicante, the bonfires

The route

Representatives of many countries parade while they wear their traditional costumes and perform traditional dances. Brazil, Chile, Mexico, Peru, Venezuela, Russia … all of them, with almost a hundred participants that wear their best clothes to offer spectacle and joy. The tour begins at the Plaza de Los Luceros. The parade down Avenue Alfonso X el Sabio, pass the Rambla and finish at the City Hall.

In addition to the International parade, one of the most important acts of the Bonfires is the Flower Offering. This offering takes place on June 21 and 22.

the flower offering, la ofrenda
It is the oldest flower offering in Spain because its origin dates back to 1941. Other cities that also celebrate started the celebrations later, such as the Virgin of the Desamparados in Valencia in 1945. Or the Virgen del Pilar in Zaragoza in 1958.

The burning


And finally, the most expected moment arrives, at midnight on the night of June 24. A giant fireworks display in the form of a palm tree is lighted from the top of Santa Barbara castle. It is so immense that it illuminates the entire city. Above all, it is the signal that starts the burning of the statues.

The first to burn is the official statue at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento. The queen of the bonfires lights the fuse from the balcony of the town hall. After that, the fuse reaches the statue with a lot of noise and sets it on fire.
After that, in each district throughout the city, the fire devours the statues throughout the night.
People enjoy the show and the intense heat with the help of firefighters. They spray water to those present to refresh them in what is known as the banyá (the bathing).

All the statues burn during the night of June 24 and the festivities as such come to an end. However, from June 25 to 29, every midnight thousands gather at Postiguet beach to see the magnificent displays of fireworks.

For more information about the events during these days, check out the calendar for the Hogueras in Alicante


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