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A birth, marriage, or funeral will have a major impact on your life, which is why it is good to know in advance what to consider. That is why we have compiled this article for you so that you know exactly where you stand.


The birth record is issued by the civil registrar, which certifies the fact of birth, date, time, and place of identity, sex, and, where appropriate, of the enrolled affiliation. The deadline to register the newborn is between 24 hours and 8 days after birth. The birth is legally effective from the moment it occurs but requires registration in the Civil Registry for full recognition. Therefore, the birth record is the official civil registry. The birth record will include, specifically:

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  • Name given to the newborn
  • The date, time, and place of birth. In the case of multiple births, when the exact time is unknown, an indication will be given in order of birth whether the newborns is male or female
  • Legal statement of the parents’ affiliation and when possible, the national identity document or passport, and abroad, when this is the case, the place of birth, marital status, address, and nationality
  • The number assigned to the birth or verification file
  • The time of registration

Who can apply for registration?

The registration can be made by the father, the mother, or any person of legal age who is present during the birth. The doctor, midwife, or assistant technician attending the delivery should also inform the person in charge of the Civil Registry in writing of the birth of the newborn.

The place

The birth registration is carried out in the Civil Registry. If the birth occurs in a city different from the address of the parents but you want to register the newborn in your place of residence, you must provide the following documentation:

  • certificate of registration of both parents
  • certificate of the hospital or clinic according to which no other inscription has been initiated in any other place
  • accreditation by DNI or certificate of registration of the habitual residence of the parents
  • a manifestation of the parents that neither they nor the hospital has started the registration of the birth in the Civil Registry corresponding to the place where the birth has taken place
  • manifest that the municipality in which the parents are settled is considered as the birthplace of the baby.

The birth registration is an official and free act for which the following documents must be presented:

  • The medical part of the delivery: facilitated by the hospital or clinic where the birth has taken place
  • ID of the parents
  • Family book or another document that proves that the marriage is duly legalized.


If a couple has made the decision to marry in a civil way the following documents are necessary:birth marriage or funeral on the costa blanca

  • An application form obtained in the Civil Registry or Court in whose jurisdiction the marriage will take place
  • Birth certificate of both persons, original not abbreviated, legalized, and translated into Spanish
  • Certificate of being single or no impediment to marriage. A declaration of singleness can be obtained from the local Civil Registry. Where this is not possible, a “Declaration in lieu” or a certificate issued by the Embassy of no impediment to marriage is generally accepted.

If you have been married earlier/widowed you need to deliver the original documentation and death or divorce certificates, as the case may be. Divorces obtained outside Spain must be legalized, the Exequatur must be obtained in the 1st Chamber of the Supreme Court, through a lawyer.

Publication of warnings: The Embassy or the Consulates can issue a letter stating that this is not mandatory in their country of origin before you get married

Residence certificate: residents of Spain can obtain this document from the Mayor’s Office in their municipality of residence. For non-residents, an affidavit declaring the addresses of recent years can be signed before a consul.

A certificate of consular registration: issued by the Embassy or consulates with the presentation of a valid passport and the completion of a registration card, this certificate must include an address in Spain.

All required documents must be submitted at least 8 days before the desired date of marriage, although, normally the average delay is from 35 to 40 days before you can get married. Legalization of the required documents: contact your consulate or embassy. Translations must be made by an official translator

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When a foreigner dies in Spain, the closest relatives or a legal representative have to choose between repatriating the deceased to their country or have a local burial/cremation. Some travel insurances cover repatriation and the insurance company must be informed immediately about the situation.

birth marriage or funeral on the costa blancaOnce the death certificate has been obtained in the Civil Registry or the Magistrate’s Court, you can register the death in the local consular office. Under normal circumstances, the process registration and release forms are obtained in a few hours. In the case of foreign citizens, the authorities extend the period of funeral services to accommodate the arrival of family members.

When a loved one dies, there is great comfort in knowing where to turn. The hospitals have funeral directors who will recommend local funeral companies. It is advisable not to sign any document when you are under stress. Contact a local funeral service that will facilitate the process in English, simplify a period that is already being tested and you can avoid hidden expenses. Call the service of your choice and within an hour, they will be with you to help you determine what services you need.

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Disclaimer: The information on this page only serves as general information and we are not responsible for incorrect information, changes in regulations, etc.


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