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“La Peregrina” (the pilgrimage).

One of the quintessential Alicante traditions after the bonfires is the pilgrimage of Santa Faz, Costa Blanca, known as “La Peregrina” (the pilgrimage).

santa faz alicante

This celebration in Costa Blanca consists of going on foot from the San Nicolás Cathedral in Alicante to the Monastery of Santa Faz. The Relic known as the Santa Faz is located in this monastery. This Relic is a linen cloth with which the face of Christ was dried on Calvary. As a result, bloodstains of the silhouette of a face were left on it. There are only 2 more clothes like this, recognized by the Catholic Church.


santa faz
The pilgrims carry long reeds with a branch of rosemary on the tip. The trip takes about two hours with plenty of possibilities to stop and have a drink. Besides that, walking the route with friends or family makes it more enjoyable and entertaining.

In addition, many institutions mount stops with typical sweets and local wines. Along the route, they also set up a small fair and many craft stalls.

santa faz alicante

The participants celebrate a large mass after everybody has arrived. If you decide not to take part in the mass you can attend the festivities in the monastery´s surroundings. This is where many participants stick around, continue partying and eat outdoors. The traditional food of the pilgrimage of Santa Faz is raw beans or mixed with a tortilla. As well as, rabbit with tomato and wine from the local vineyard. Many people take the opportunity to spend the day there and enjoy this festive day.

This pilgrimage of Santa Faz is the second with the largest number of attendees in Spain. Only the pilgrimage to Rocío in Sevilla attracts more people.


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