The Maigmo Via Verde

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Wheelchair friendly tour

We mentioned this Maigmo Via Verde walking route in short in our previous post about wheelchair-accessible beaches and walking routes. This walking route is long and easy because almost the entire route is flat. This makes it perfectly safe to go with children, older people, and even the disabled. It can be done on foot, by bike, or by wheelchair. As the walking route is 22 kilometers long we do recommend taking plenty of water. As there are no places that provide water along the trail.

The start of the walking route

maigmó via verde

The journey starts at the old railway station of Agost, which was left abandoned many years ago. It stands about 4 km from the town center and it is an easy place to prepare for the route. You can park your car here and walk the route to the end and back. If that is too much distance make sure you have someone that waits for you at the end to pick you up.

Just after we start walking, we walk down a small descent and back up again to reach an area surrounded by vineyards and olive groves. After these vineyards and groves, there are some asphalted agricultural roads to cross. Be cautious on these roads as tractors and other agricultural machinery use them frequently.
The town of Agost lays further down the route behind these agricultural roads. From this town, it is easy to follow the indications of the information panels in order to not leave the Vía Verde.

Right beyond the town, our Maigmo Via Verde walking route crosses a bridge over the road that connects Agost with Novelda. After about 2 kilometers of flat road, there is another bridge for pedestrians. This bridge offers beautiful views of the ravine of el Derramador down below.

Another impressive sight on the route, we see 3 kilometers from the bridge. In this area known as Plá Aceituna, the road literally crosses a cut mountain.

Sierra del Maigmó

After the cut mountain area follows the ravine of Tarraig with views of the horizon and the Sierra del Maigmó.

From here a cement road, that lets us know we leave behind the area of crops, continues the route. Before the landscape turns green again we encounter two more bridges, a viaduct, and a small descent.

Less than a kilometer away we have to pass through the first tunnel of the route. It is relatively short therefore it is not needed to use a flashlight. As soon as this tunnel ends the viaduct of Forn del Vidre appears in front of us.

Resting area

maigmó via verde

There is a rest area after the viaduct for those who want to take a break and regain strength.

The next interesting point on the route is the Palomaret viaduct, an impressive narrow 200 meters long well-engineered bridge.

maigmó via verde

After the viaduct, we advance until we find the next two tunnels that both are short and set in a straight line.

The next 2 kilometers cross ravines and embankments to reach one of the most beautiful areas of the route, surrounded by pine trees. It is recommended to pause here and enjoy the panorama.
Yet another tunnel has to be crossed to continue. This one is almost 400 meters long and does not have lighting, so better have your flashlight prepared.

Second resting area

At the exit of this long tunnel, there is a picnic area for those who wish to stop and rest.

One kilometer down the route we arrive at the last tunnel of the route. This spectacular one is more than 500 meters long, paved with cement, and has lights, it crosses the hill of La Horna.

maigmó via verde

This tunnel is pretty curious because it has another tunnel in its interior that crosses the Maigmó and leads to the mining area.

The magnificent landscape of the last kilometers helps forget the final effort to finish the route. Before reaching the end we can see the A-7 motorway between Alicante and Alcoy to our right and realize we are back in the normal world. The via Verde picnic area at the end of the route is a great last place to rest. From here you can choose to walk back or finish this marvelous route.


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