The skies of Summer nights

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The biggest firework you ever seen

In August people on Costa Blanca have the opportunity to watch one of the best events of the year. El Castell de l´Olla is one of the best firework shows in Spain. The shown uses platforms at sea to fire from and the blasts follow a musical rhythm.

The Mediterranean UNESCO recognizes Castell de l´Olla for two years as a manifestation of the protection of ethnographic and intangible heritage. Just grab a towel, a sandwich and sit on the beach to enjoy the show of light and sound.

Do not miss this spectacular show

This year was the 32nd anniversary and each year about 50.000 people gather on the beaches surrounding La Olla, to watch this incredible firework. From early in the morning they try to find a spot as close as possible to enjoy the show.

This weekend’s firework it is also possible to enjoy the well-known Lagrimas de San Lorenzo, better known as the Perseids. An annual meteor shower that allows asking for wishes or simply enjoy the majesty of the sky.

Castell de l´Olla in Altea

The Perseids thank their name from the constellation of Perseus. Since it looks as if they appear to come from the direction of the said constellation. Although they have no real connection with it.

Luckily, from Costa Blanca, we have been able to enjoy, almost without problems, this night show getting great images and we have taken the opportunity to ask for a few wishes. You have been able to ask for one?

This is a spectacular show of a firework you will remember!

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