Valle de Pego Bicycle Route

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A bike tour in Valle de Pego

Valle de Pego, the Pego valley, is the bicycle route we propose today. This tour is suitable for all ages that allows everyone to enjoy spectacular views from the mountaintop.
Valle de pego pego valley
Valle de Pego (the Pego Valley) is formed by the municipalities of Pego and L’Atzúbia. First of all, this tour is located on the border between the provinces of Alicante and Valencia. Also, it is a large valley surrounded by mountains. The eastern area has a formation of a lagoon, wetlands, and the sandy strip of Les Deveses. For that reason, it is precisely in this plain where this route is situated.

Starting Point Valle de Pego tour

We start the route at the tourist information office of Pego I les Valls. Because its parking lot is the beginning of the bike path that runs parallel to the CV-700. As a result, this path leads directly to the Pego-Oliva wetlands natural Park access. This entrance is near a stone house with the access sign, four and a half kilometers from the start of the route. Then we will have to cross the CV-700 to start our circular route through the natural park. Our route coincides practically with the blue route, after which we complete it with part of the red route. Specifically, the part of the mountain ascent so that the views from the top can be enjoyed.
the wetlands of Valle de Pego valley
In the National Park of Pego Valley

After driving into the Valle de Pego park for just 150 meters we reach the Racons river. Consequently, we keep this river to our left until we find a small bridge and continue on the right until the detour. Further north we pass through the rice fields until the junction with the CV-678 road. Next, we will have to keep going right for another 200 meters, until we again enter the road to the left. Meanwhile, we will cross the Ullal del Bullent and steer left until we reach the Muntanyeta Verda. Finally, we climb to the mountain´s viewpoint to enjoy the spectacular views. In front of us the entire wetlands, with the Mediterranean at the left and the Pego Mountains on the other side.
national park valle de pego valley

Halfway point

After we have completed the round-trip tour we recover the path along which we border the Muntanyeta Verda. We will see the Bullent river appear on our left. Afterward, we pass the Blau del Calapatar and we will turn left again. Straight ahead for 900 meters we cross a bridge and reach the Font Salada or Ullal del Burro. In order to come to the CV-678 again will take the road on the right, heading south for Els Marjals de La Revolta. Once there we turn right and drive about 150 meters to find another dirt road to the left in a southerly direction.

Once again we will come to find the Racons river. Continuously we take the bridge and drive upstream until we cross the CV-700 with caution. Finally, we go to Pego using the same path that we started on.

Eventually, we reach the town of Pego and then we can take advantage to visit its streets of medieval origin. Or admire some of its architectural jewels and enjoy its typical cuisine in the town hall square.


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