Via Verde in Dénia

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A rebuilt railroad track

Today we like to spend a day in nature and invite you to come walking with us.  We have chosen the Via Verde walking route, of Dénia.

In recent history, there were a lot of railroad tracks in the province of Alicante and Valencia that connected different towns and villages with each other. Most of them were closed after new and better roads and motorways were build. After many years of abandonment, the Ministry of Rural and Marine Environment recovered and reconstructed these railroads to function as a Via Verde.

via verde in dénia

This particular Via Verde in Dénia is based on the railroad that functioned between Dénia and Gandia further north. It formed part of the Dénia-Carcaixent line. This was the oldest narrow-track railroad on the Spanish Portuguese peninsula that they used for 90 years. Its first part dates from the late 1800s when it began to function as a tram pulled by animals.

They extended the line in 1884 to Dénia as s steam tractioned railway. People mainly used this railroad for agricultural reasons. They closed the part of the railway between Gandia and Carcaixent in 1969 when they replaced it with a new and modern commuter train. The other part between Dénia and Gandia was closed in 1974 with the hope it would also be converted into a wide-track railway. This never happened and this part is what we nowadays know as Via Verde of Dénia.

The walking route

This Via Verde walking route in Dénia is mostly flat and not difficult at all. Adults and children can enjoy this path on foot or by bicycle. Because of this condition, people with reduced mobility or using a wheelchair can easily enjoy this path as well. There are 2 disabled parking spaces available at the entrance.

via verde in dénia

The path has many rest areas and viewpoints to enjoy the landscape. They placed special exercise equipment along the path to do some extra workouts. On top of that, you can enjoy several wooden bridges over spectacular valleys including an 18-meter bridge that crosses the Alberca River. A number of paved rural paths make it possible to deviate from the main path to go deeper into nature. Some of them lead to the coast and the sea.

What will you see around you?

via verde in dénia

The landscape that this path crosses is mainly agricultural. Orange and almond trees together with vegetable fields surround us during our trip. The silhouettes of mountains of the Montgó Natural Park and the Sierra Segaria complete the dreamy and scenic views. Plants and birds live in the riverbank ecosystem of the Alberca River.

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