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Today we visit one of the most visible touristic municipalities of the Costa Blanca, Calpe. This town is the most southern town of the Marina Alta. It has beautiful sandy beaches, the famous Peñon d’Ifach, and salt lakes and a lovely old town centre. It is a coastal city that offers a lot to discover.

How do you get to Calpe?

When you decide to drive to Calpe from North and South be aware that there is no direct exit from the AP-7 motorway. From the South, you must exit at Altea, from the North you exit at the Benissa exit. From both these exits, the national road N-332 connect with the town. If you wish to travel by public transport you can choose the tramvia Benidorm-Denia, that has a stop about one kilometer outside of town. Or you use the ALSA bus that has a stop at the bus station near the city centre.

What can you visit and see in Calpe?

Calpe has two large beach areas that are divided by its most visible landmark the Peñon d’Ifach. The Poniente beach, Playa Arenal-Bol, stretched from the busy town centre to the Peñon. You can find lots of restaurants and tourist shops on the palm tree filled promenade that accompanies the sandy beach. Towards the Peñon the Queen’s baths and the fishing harbor form part of the scenery. The Levante beach, Playa de la Fossa, runs from the Peñon northwards towards the rocky area of Les Bassetes with its well-known marina. From the Peñon there are a number of restaurants and bar along the beach that later turns into a more natural setting.

Las Salinas

In the shadow of the Peñon between both beach areas, we find las Salinas de Calpe. There are saltwater lagoons with interesting wildlife to spot. For example gracious birds like flamingos, herons, and ducks. At present these lakes are a protected natural area but once they used the salt found here to preserve the fish.

The Peñon d’Ifach

This landmark is so famous and well-known that we recently have written a separate blog about it. To find out more about it we suggest you read it here.

The port of Calpe

welcome to the fish action in calpe

This part of town between the city centre and the Peñon concentrates much of the magic and DNA of Calpe. The fishing tradition forms a big part of its historical heritage. Here, in addition to the fishing boats, we can also find the fish auction and the market. The auction in the fish market is the traditional event that defines the gastronomy of the town and can be seen from Monday to Friday at 17.00 hrs.

The old town centre

welcome to the beautiful historic streets

The historic centre of Calpe is a true testimony of its history. Flowers surround the colorful streets and you find many museums in this part of town. Such as the Fester museum, the archeological museum, and the collectible and comics museum are all in the old town. Also worth a visit are the stairs that are painted like a Spanish flag in the Puchalt street. Admirable mural paintings by famous local artist and painter Elias Urbez color the walls of the Mosquit square and the Salvador square. Here stands a hermitage that offers spectacular views of the Arenal Bay.

welcome to the calpe and its landmarks

Calpe has a lot to offer so we advise you to go out and enjoy this interesting city, its landmarks and its traditional gastronomy.


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