Wheelchair accessible beaches

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Many of you have asked us about beaches and routes adapted and accessible for wheelchairs.

wheelchair accessible beaches

Most of the coastal municipalities on the Costa Blanca offer accessible beaches with ramps to facilitate the entrance to physically disabled people. Often there is support staff present to those people that want to go in the water with floating chairs.

wheelchair accessible beaches

This link provides a list of all the special accessible beaches for wheelchairs in Costa Blanca

Some marinas also include water activities, such as diving or sailing without limitations for people with special needs.

wheelchair accessible beaches

We highlight the Carrer la Mar beach in El Campello and the nautical experiences of Santa Pola. They offer activities such as kayaking and sailing.

Even the Roman city of Lucentum is accessible for those with special needs. This is one of the few archeological sites in the province with special adaptations.

wheelchair accessible beaches

In fact, the MARQ appears in the Accessible Monuments, Museums, and Touristic Points of interest guide of the Predif (State Representative Platform of People with Physical Disability). The management of the museum emphasizes the importance to facilitate access to tourism and leisure for citizens, regardless of their condition. Also, note that the Museum includes guided and dramatized visits for people with disabilities. Such as pieces and guides for people with vision problems as well as lectures interpreted in sign language. Besides workshops for children with special needs.

If you like to go out into nature on the Costa Blanca, there are four routes especially prepared for people using a wheelchair.

The accessible routes through nature are those of Alcoy, Maigmó, Torrevieja, and Xixarra 2.




wheelchair accessible beaches

Xixarra 2

wheelchair accessible beaches


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