A day in Alfaz del Pi

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A town inhabited by many nationalities

Today we spend a day in Alfaz del Pi, the municipality between Altea and Benidorm. The main town of Alfaz del Pi is situated 2 kilometers from the sea. Whereas the town of Albir is located right at the beach. The municipality is known for the many foreigners of different nationalities that reside and live here. More than 53% of its residents come from other, mostly European, countries and therefore this municipality is very cosmopolitan. The international film festival, the Spanish-Norwegian days, and the lighthouse are some of the interesting things to see or visit.

How to get to Alfaz del Pi?

As it is located between the picturesque town of Altea and the vibrant Benidorm, it is easy to get there. The N-332 national road crosses through the municipality but there is no direct access from the AP-7 motorway. Take the Altea exit and turn south on the N-332. From the Benidorm exit, go north for a few kilometers to get there.

Things to do in Alfaz del Pi

The international film festival

albir lighthouse during film festival alfaz del pi

One of the events that Alfaz del Pi is best known for is the International Film Festival. This festival started more than 30 years ago in the town’s local cinema and has evolved into an international event. Many famous Spanish and international actors visit the opening of the festival. They show screenings of international movies with Spanish subtitles and blockbuster movies at night at Albir’s beach. We have had the pleasure to interview the deputy director of the festival last year. You can read the interview here.

The Spanish-Norwegian days

Alfaz del Pi is home to a large community of Norwegian citizens that live in the municipality. Because of that, they form a big part of daily life in the town. Every October the town celebrates the ties between both countries with the Spanish-Norwegian days. A week full of activities with participants from both countries. They perform concerts, lectures, and expositions. Check out our agenda of upcoming events for more information about this event.

The beach promenade in Albir

a day in alfaz

The promenade in Albir offers wonderful views of the entire bay from Calpe to the lighthouse at the Sierra Helada. For early birds, the sunrises are a spectacular sight with sometimes many shades of orange. There are many stars in the pavement of the boulevard, as honors to the Spanish artists they belong to. At the south part of the promenade and beach, the mighty hill of the Sierra Helada nature reserve rises and dominates the view. At the far point, the lighthouse is visible as a beacon from ancient times.

The lighthouse of Albir

a day in alfaz del pi

The asphalted walking route to the lighthouse is a beautiful stroll through the nature reserve with views over the whole bay and the coves below. A tunnel, cave markings, and old ocher mines form part of the scenery. The complete trip to and from the lighthouse is five kilometers and the path inclines and declines slightly. There is an exhibition about the past of the lighthouse in the main hall. More about this route can also be read in our earlier blog here.

The Sierra Helada nature reserve

The route to the lighthouse is just one of the many walking and hiking routes in this nature reserve. They declared this area nature and marine park back in 2005. It has a surface of more than 5.500 square meters covering Benidorm, Alfaz del Pi, and Altea. The cliffs rise as high as 400 meters from sea level and are home to valuable vegetation and wildlife. The sign at the entrance of the lighthouse route explains which routes are available.

What to eat in Alfaz del Pi and Albir

Because of the international vibe that this municipality offers, there is a wide choice of different types of food. Most international bars and restaurants are located in Albir. Whether you prefer Indian food or a quick bite with your drink on a sunny terrace, almost nothing is impossible. Feel free to browse a list of international restaurants we have selected for you, to end a day in Alfaz del Pi.


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