A day in Callosa d’en Sarria

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The city of nisperos

Today we spend “A day in Callosa d’en Sarria”, the city of nísperos. The mountains of Sierra Aitana, Aixorta, and Callosa surround the town. As well as the valleys of the Guadalest and Algar river. Because of that Callos boasts an enviable natural environment.

How do you get to Callosa d’en Sarria?

Callosa is 18 kilometers away from Benidorm. The CV-70 through La Nucia connects the town to the coastal N-332 national road. If you travel by public transport use the ALSA bus that begins at the Benidorm bus station.

Things to do in Callosa?

The castle and wall

callosa d'en sarria

The municipality preserves in its historic center part of the medieval urban structure- It is marked by the former defense walls and can be entered through one of its original doors: “el Portal”.

callosa d'en sarria

Here we find the most traditional image of Callosa. The remains of the walls (XIVth century) and the Castle (1395), declared of Cultural Interest since 2005.

Arciprestral Church of San Juan Bautistacallosa d'en sarria

Inaugurated in 1578, they reformed this church multiple times. The prestigious Valencian architect D. Antonio Gilabert I Fornés did so in 1765, while others did in 1865 and 1917. It is a clear example of a church from the transition period from the Baroque to the Neoclassical. As a result, the facade of neoclassical style and its dome of typical blue Valencian tiles stand out. As well as the chapels, hermitages and religious ceramic pieces in the streets around the church. They still use the baroque organ inside during concerts.

The Calvary

With an ascending route of about 700 meters in zig-zag and panoramic views.

The Poadorcallosa d'en sarria

The old laundry and covered drinking trough of the Fuente Mayor (main well). With twelve pipes it has a capacity for 70 people. There is also a sculpture in the shape of an animal head and a bas-relief of King Jaime I.

Municipal Ethnological and Archaeological Museum

callosa d'en sarria

Here they present the permanent exhibition entitled ‘We who were …’. It shows the way of life, customs, and traditions of Callosa d’En Sarrià before the sixties. So before the peak of the cultivation of the nisperos. The city council protects, rehabilitates, and conditions all this heritage. To assure this valuable cultural, ethnological, archaeological, religious, and anthropological heritage is best presented to the visitors.
In addition, these resources have been integrated into a Cultural Itinerary. The special signals make the visit easy and educational. On top of that, it includes a location map of the points of interest and guide service available to visitors. It is necessary to call the Tourist’s office to make a reservation for a visit.

DinoPark Algarcallos d'en sarria

It is an educational park located in the botanical garden Cactus d’Algar. The park has a 3D cinema, children’s attractions, and a didactic route. In DinoPark Algar there are 30 life-size robotic and static dinosaur scenes. The scenes are accompanied by natural decorations, sound, and explanatory signs to learn about the environment and the dinosaurs.

Routes and hiking

We highlight some that surround the magnificent natural environment of the town:

The Algar waterfallscallosa d'en sarria

They are located 3 km from the urban center of Callosa, in the direction of Bolulla and Tárbena. These natural waterfalls conserve the ecological wealth that surrounds the Algar River. Besides that, it is a place visited by many tourists and offers environmental education.

The Fort of Berniacallos d'en sarria

The remains of what once was the Fort of the Sierra de Bernia are preserved and declared an Asset of Cultural Interest. In addition, the top of the Sierra de Bernia offers breathtaking views of the coast and the interior of the Marina Baja.

In order to get there, follow the PR-V-48, the path that runs along the old access road to the Fort. It starts in the urban center of Callosa d’en Sarria and passes through the area of the Algar fountains.

What can you eat in Callosa d’en Sarria?

The town has a rich and varied traditional cuisine of sea and mountain food. The popular “putxero amb pilotes” (soup with oversized meatballs) is the star of the gastronomy of Callosa. For desserts, they use the famous locally grown nisperos in many ways.


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