A day in Cocentaina

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Comarca Comtat

Today we spend a day in Cocentaina, the capital of the area known as Comarca Comtat.

We find Cocentaina, halfway between the province of Alicante and Valencia. It is an industrial city with more than 10,000 inhabitants surrounded by an area full of mountains.

How do you get to Cocentaina?

Take the car from Alicante, in the south, or Valencia, in the North, and this inland town can be reached by using the A-7 motorway. This motorway connects to the town by the N-340 national road.

What can you see during a day in Cocentaina?

Everybody should wander through its centuries-old streets, as the history of the municipality goes back to the Neolithic age. Visible remains from this era and for example, medieval times allow us to know more about this wonderful city.

a day in cocentaina and surroundings

El Castillo

This castle in Gothic-military style is the symbol of Cocentaina and it was constructed at the beginning of the fourteenth century. It offers the best panoramic view of the region, as we can see Cocentaina, the surrounding municipalities, and the mountains.

a day in cocentaina

El Palau Comtal

This Palace of the Counts was built as a fortification during the 13th and 14th centuries. It is a reference monument in terms of architecture and decorative elements. Currently, it houses the Municipal Museum with temporary and permanent exhibitions.

Convent and Monastery of the Clarisas

This monastery is located in the north wing of the Palace. The patron saint of the town, the Virgen of miracles (Virgen del Milagro) lives here.

a day in cocentaina and surroundings

Archaeological and Ethnological Museum of the Comtat

This historic building was built in the years following the Christian conquest and it preserves architectural elements from all periods.

Museum of the Festivities of Moors and Christians

This house was constructed during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries and is home to the headquarters of Moors and Christians. The board members meet here and it serves as a museum as well as a musical Archive. It has clothing exhibitions, documents, and a monograph of the musician Pascual, author of the pasodoble Paquito el Chocolatero.

a day in cocentaina


This building houses the current town hall and they originally built it during the second half of the thirteenth century.

a day in cocentaina

The wall towers

These towers were part of the wall that surrounded the area of the village. This wall originally had a length of more than a kilometer.

a day in cocentaina and surroundings

Church of Santa María

this church was founded in the XIII century and reformed during the XVII and XVIII century.

Church of the Savior

This church originally was used as a mosque and it dates back to the late sixteenth century and has a Renaissance style.

a day in cocentaina


Cocentaina is located in a valley where the Serpis river flows. Mountains such as the Sierra de Aitana, Benicadell, and Mariola surround the town. As well as the Montcabrer, one of the highest peaks in the province. In addition, the Serra Mariola and Serreta Natural Park occupy a part of their territory.

Hiking and mountain routes are some of the main tourist attractions in the area, which serve as an incentive to enjoy nature, enjoy the views, and disconnect from the city. It is a very popular activity during the day in Cocentaina.

Through the PRV-37 trail, interesting excursions can be made, such as the ascent to Moncabrer or the Cavas de Agres, among others.

The medieval market

In addition to the places, we have just described we also mention the traditional open-air market. During the holidays of the 1st of November, you can visit this medieval-styled market. This “Feria de Tots Sants” begun in 1346 and still breaths the same atmosphere. The entire village dresses up and decorates as if it still is that era. More than half a million spectators visit this festival each year. People sell agricultural machinery and crafts, as well as gastronomy and typical products on this market. On top of that, there is an animal fair with lots of different animals for sale. Many artists perform shows, animations, and exhibitions. All in all a great festival of National Tourist Interest, full of history and traditional culture.

Another interesting date to visit Cocentaina is the second weekend of August. During these days we can enjoy the festivities of Moors and Christians. The residents honor the patron saint of the city, San Hipólito during these days. The most important act that stands out is the entry parade of Moorish and Christian troops showing their costumes. These festivities have been declared of Tourist Interest because they are of great interest to tourists and residents.


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