A day in Ibi

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The cradle of ice cream

Today we spend a day in Ibi, the town that forms part of the Foia de Castalla, a region of l’Alcoià. This area is one of the most interesting places in our geography as far as interior tourism is concerned. Ibi is located east of the Valley, with its natural landscapes, to which part of the Font Roja site belongs.

It is known as the city of toys and the cradle of ice cream. And due to these traditions, Ibi is one of those towns that shouts to be discovered, It has a deep-rooted history almost visible in every corner. The festivities during all the seasons of the year make it rich in tradition and culture.

How to get to there?

Ibi can be easily reached by car driving from Alicante over the A-7 inland, and toll-free motorway. However, public transport to Ibi is not very regular.

What can we see during a day in Ibi?

Church of the Lord

a day in ibi

They built this church in the center of the town but the exact construction date is unknown, It has some beautifully painted ceilings by Joaquin Oliet.

The church square

a day in ibi

Right in front of the main church gate is the square with a wonderful fountain and staircase. They installed wonderful lights that illuminate the entire square at night.

Great House

a day in ibi

This feudal house is home to the museum of festivities.

The Hermitages

a day in ibi

Many hermitages are spread out over Ibi. For example the Hermitage of Santa Lucia, located on one of the hills that crown the town.

a day in ibi

Another one is the Hermitage of Sint Vincent, in the center of the town. Due to this location, it is actually used as an exposition hall.

Palla Square

This square in the historic center is used as a meeting point for many locals and surrounded by coffee shops, ice cream parlors and nightlife bars.

3 Kings Monument

This is the first and only monument in Europe dedicated to such unique characters. In Ibi, due to its centennial dedication to the toy industry, it was inaugurated on the fifth of January, 1975. It is a piece of stone made by the sculptor D. Aurelio López Azaustre from Granada.

Monument for the ice cream makers

Located in the square that bears the same name, the Galician sculptor Magín Picallo made this piece of art as a tribute to the ice cream tradition of this town.

Tartana Square

This statue is a tribute to the tartana that was the first tin toy fabricated in Ibi. Besides that, it is also an award granted by the town to people who deserve public recognition.

Valencian Toy Museum

A reunion with the past from pieces of old, almost centenary toys, mostly elaborated of tin. There are many toys that are part of the Payá S.C.V.L collection, the pioneer local manufacturer of toys in Spain.

Museum of Festivities

This building next to the church is home to the museum that shows costumes and historical elements of the Festival of Moors and Christians that is so ingrained in Ibi.

Biodiversity Museum

This permanent exhibition was designed and is carried out by the Iberian-American Center for Biodiversity and sponsored by the Ministry of Environment. Because of that, the theme of the museum is focused on Mediterranean ecosystems and agriculture.

What to eat in Ibi?

Of course, ice cream, the city of Ibi is one of the main manufacturing and marketing points of the Ice cream industry in Spain. The snow wells nearby started what later developed into the modern-day ice cream industry in Ibi.

In addition to ice cream as a dessert, rice is an essential ingredient in main courses that further use the meat of for example rabbit and lamb.


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