A day in Polop

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With a history as a strategic place

Polop has a history as a strategic place between the valley of Guadalest and the coastal area. Because of that, they build a fort on top of the mountain to monitor any siege. This made it a privileged enclave

A fifteen-minute drive by car separates the old and historic center of Polop de la Marina from Benidorm, the city of skyscrapers.

Things to do in Polop

polop de la marina

El Fuente de los chorros

We start our day in Polop, having a look at the fountain of the jets is the emblem of the city of Polop. 221 jets extend along the entire plaza to channel the water from the old springs of the mountain to an irrigation channel. It is a tradition to see the inhabitants fill bottles of freshwater from the mountains for use at home.

the museum of gabriel miro in polop de la marina

Gabriel Miró and Polop

This man has to be discovered during your day in Polop. The City council acquired the museum dedicated to Gabriel Miró in 2011. It is located on the Plaza de Los Chorros. The great and unrepeatable writer, Gabriel Miró stayed long times in Polop and liked to walk. These walks inspired him to write one of the famous works of universal literature, Años y Leguas (Years and Leagues). The Museum is really worth a visit, the entrance is free of costs. Objects that were important in his life decorate it. In addition, the same building houses the tourism office, so it is ideal to stop and ask for interesting information about the city.

polop de la marina

Streets of Polop

The streets of Polop are typical like many of the villages in Alicante. Many of them are single-family houses with typical mountain architecture. Because of this, they have large wooden doors and wrought-iron balconies. The inhabitants have the tradition take their chairs outside, to sit in the streets and spend hours talking with each other.

polop de la marina, liked by gabriel miro

A lot of the balconies are full of flowers and plants that drop their branches and leaves in front of the restored and painted pastel-coloured facades. The San Pedro church halfway up the hill looms over the rest of the streets. This church although it is old was restored. One story even tells that it did not have a roof in the sixteenth century. And that masses had to be celebrated in the castle.

polop de la marina

Next to the church square, a small cobblestone street with no exit conceals one of the most picturesque corners of Polop. This is the street of the castle. It is a hidden and secret place that we like to share with you.


polop de la marina

The castle of Polop

The Calvaries are common in the vast majority of the mountain towns of the Valencian Community. They represent Jesus Christ dragging the cross to his crucifixion on top of the mountain.

On top of the mountain in Polop, we have the best views over the municipality and the surroundings. For people who love photography, it is spectacular to shoot the sunset from here. The upper part of the church and the roofs of the houses unfold a mosaic of forms and colors. Mount Ponoig, the sleeping lion, watches over town in the background.

Hardly anything remains of the ancient castle of the twelfth century. Originally of Muslim origin, it was built on the remains of an Iberian fort before the Romans conquested it. After it was dismantled in the civil war, the site was changed into a cemetery. This cemetery is one of the places that most inspired Gabriel Miró. His sculpture can be found in the newer part.

gabriel miro in polop de la marina

Other places of interest to visit and things to do in Polop de la Marina are:

The square of the sculptor Ginés
The Plaza de la Ermita de San Roque and its beautiful views of the town.
The avenue of Emilio Sagi-Barba, the old royal access road to Polop. Emilio Sagi-Barba and his wife were two important lyricists. Like Gabriel Miró, the beauty of the town amazed them. So he bought the house known as L’Hort del Chorro in 1930, was declared the adopted son of the city and honored with this street carrying his name.
Casa del Pósito
The Chapel of the Aurora.
Finally, two facilities created for the enjoyment of the working class, L’Hort de Baldó, and Parc Pont.


What can you eat during a day in Polop?

The most delicious dishes that you can eat in Polop are meatballs (Pilotes de dacsa), L’olleta de blat, and rice with chickpeas (L’arros amb fressols i naps)
To sweeten our meals we can try some of the typical sweets of the Marina Baixa. Such as the pastry of sweet potato, or almonds, the coca Maria, etc.


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