A day in San Juan de Alicante

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The northern outskirt of Alicante

Today we spend a day in San Juan de Alicante. Because this is one of those towns where modern and ancient go hand in hand. As a result, you can spot a modern building and see an archaeological site just meters away from it. The historical contrasts of this village are impressive. San Juan is so much more than only sun and beach, there is much more to know and discover.

How to get to San Juan de Alicante?

The easiest way is to go by car. San Juan is located just north of Alicante. Therefore it enjoys the infrastructure of the city. The Ap-7 motorway runs north of town and the N-332 crosses the village. Lines 1, 3, and 4 of the Tram-via have stops beside the beaches of San Juan.


Things to do in San Juan?

Fernando Soria Museum

a day in san juan de alicante

The beautiful Fernando Soria Museum is located in this charming Neoclassical 20th-century building. They inaugurated it in 2013, and the building is known as the clock house. This interesting museum has a total of 225 works by Fernando Soria in addition to some 133 by other artists.
It has three rooms distributed on both floors of the building. One is dedicated to Inocencia Giménez Berni, the artist´s wife. Another room to his daughter Beatriz Soria Giménez. Both rooms are located on the ground floor. Evidently on the main floor is the main room focused on Fernando Soria. This modern museum has all the necessary adaptations to receive disabled people.

Torres de la Huerta

a day in san juan de alicante

There are many monuments located in the city of San Juan. As a result, we start with the Torres de la Huerta that they build in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Their purpose was to defend the thriving orchard of Alicante from invading pirates. These towers also feature in our Alicante bicycle route Blog.

Religious temples

a day in san juan de alicante

Listed as its monuments, there is a variety of religious temples of great importance. Between the hermitages, we have the Santa Ana, Calvary, and San Roque. Furthermore, there are the Virgen del Loreto, Virgen del Rosario, and Ansaldo.


a day in san juan de alicante

On the other hand, the church of San Juan Bautista stands out. It was built in baroque style and suffered damages during the civil war that were later repaired.

Park Monte el Calvari

a day in san juan de alicante

First of all, we have the Monte el Calvari Park that was designed as a recreational area. Because it is located in slightly hilly terrain, it is not completely accessible to people with mobility problems. It is a beautiful unique forest environment and charming place to spend a pleasant time away from urban hustle and bustle.

Garden park la Concepción and Manzaneta

Garden park la Concepción and Manzaneta

Another important place in this town is the Garden park la Concepción and Manzaneta. As a result it is a wonderful garden worthy of any palace. It comes from the aristocracy that lived in this region in ancient times. It houses many natural species that are worth appreciating in person.

The scenery in this area is very beautiful. It changes from a beautiful beach to a fantasy garden. If you like nature the natural corners of this place are definitely suitable for you.

The beaches of San Juan

beaches in costa blanca

Worth to mention are the beaches of San Juan. Made up of fine sand and clear water they stretch out between El Campello and Alicante. These open and wide beaches are perfect to enjoy the sea, the sun and many bars and restaurants. Some of them are on the actual beach.

San Juan is a beautiful modern and contemporary city. Very characteristic of the coastal area of the Valencian community. These regions are well visited and wanted by tourists from all over the world. So it’s worth preserving its legacy and show it to the world. Likewise, this small region has a lot to give, you just need to get closer and get to know it.

What to eat in San Juan?

Products from the sea and the land are the basis of the rich and varied cuisine of San Juan. The most typical dishes of the town are rice dishes such as Arroz a banda and Arroz meloso. Other famous dishes are fideuá, bogueta amb tomaca (tomato bread) and last but not least coca de tonyina (sort of tuna bread).


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