A day in Torrevieja

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With the large salt lakes

Today we spend a day in Torrevieja, the town in the southern part of Costa Blanca. The town is known for its large salt lakes but there is so much more to see and do. For example the beaches, the harbor pier, the submarine museum, and many more things to do.

How do you get to Torrevieja?

As with most towns of the seafront, the N-332 national road also runs through this municipality. If you use th AP-7 motorway, the CV-905 connects to the north part of the town. To get into Torrevieja at the south use the CV-95 national road. When you use public transport, take the bus line from Alicante bus station to Cartagena that stops in Torrevieja.

Things to do in Torrevieja

The beaches

a day in torrevieja

La Mata Beach in the north part of the town is an almost straight and pale sand beach of 2,3 kilometers long. There are about 14 beach bars around it and it gets quieter the further north you go. In the end, there is the watchtower, that they built as a defense against pirate attacks.

a day in torrevieja

The playa del Cura beach is a bay right in the middle of the town and therefore has a more city vibe than la Mata. Two long piers make sure the water of this curved sand beach is quiet with soft waves. This makes it an ideal spot for toddlers and small children to enjoy the water. The Avenida de los Marineros is the promenade with restaurants and ice cream shops that flanks this urban bay.

The salt lakes of Torrevieja

a day in torrevieja

A large part of Torrevieja’s inland belongs to a natural park and has two large salt lakes. There is an interpretation center surrounded by vineyards at the northern lake, behind La Mata Beach. In this center, you learn how humans and varieties of wading birds have shaped this landscape.

The southern lake, the Laguna de Torrevieja is pink colored and they still mine salt here. On top of that many people come here to have a swim at the town side of the lake. Be sure to bring some fresh water to wash the salt off your body if you take a swim here.

The harbor pier

At the end of a day in Torrevieja, the best view of the town is from the harbor pier. In 2000 the walkway over the pier was installed and it is almost 1500 meters long.

Many people stroll this pier to get some fresh air and see the town’s skyline and beaches from here. It is a perfect spot to make beautiful pictures of this city and enjoy a cool sea breeze.

Delfin Submarine

Obviously, we need to visit the harbor of Torrevieja to visit this exciting naval museum piece. Open to the public since 2003, this French-built submarine was used for 30 years. It could sail for more than 6000 kilometers and could stay underwater for 30 days. Once inside you see how 56 crew members were able to live and work in such a tight space. For 2€ you can visit it and the Albatross III patrol boat, used by the Spanish coastguards and customs.

Of course, there is much more to discover in this town that we will explain the next time we spend a day in Torrevieja.


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