Another day in a healthy garden

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Another well-kept garden

As promised we have a few more options for spending another day in a healthy garden. If you have not yet read our previous blog we advise you to do so. There we have more options where to spend a healthy day in nature when home confinement is completely behind us.

We advise you to contact the gardens or parks before you plan to visit them to be sure they are open.

Garden of Nations, Torrevieja

another day in a healthy garden

The “Jardín de las Naciones” is a rather large, completely fenced, the city park of about 26.000 m2. The name of the park comes from the islands in the 6000 m2 lake. They are shaped like the map of Europe. Many small animals like geese, colored carps and ducks can be seen on and in the water of this lake. The vegetation of the lake is equal to that of the Mediterranean Sea. The hermitage dedicated to San Emigdo, the patron of natural phenomena and co-patron of the city, can also be found in the park.

another day at a healthy garden

Other animals like chickens and peacocks stroll around at ease or hide in the trees. Even turtles and iguanas have their own area. And while parents can relax on one of the benches, children can play in the playground. Or they can sail the little boats in the lake, with or without a parent.

another day in a healthy garden

For more information about their new opening hours check the website of the local tourism office.

Cervantes Park in Alcoy

another day in a healthy park

This park-like garden in the center of Alcoy is a great place to visit with smaller children. There are two different playgrounds with equipment where they can play.

another day in a healthy park

In the middle of the park, there is a bar with a terrace to relax and enjoy a refreshing drink. You can also have a rest on one of the benches throughout the park and enjoy the presence of the always smiling and active squirrels.

another day in a healthy garden

If your children have outgrown the playground you can take them on a walk through history in the shelters of Cervantes. These air raid shelters of the Spanish Civil War have been made into a museum and tell about the attacks on the town.

This is a city park and will reopen in the following weeks, it will be completely open after the scale down of the measurements.

El Palmeral, Alicante

This beautiful park honors its name because hundreds of palm trees grown there. The park is in the south part of Alicante right in front of the Mediterranean Sea. There are more than 7000 palms and lots of autochthonous vegetation in the park.

It has many paths to stroll around between the trees and water areas, some of them with waterfalls. In one of the lakes, little boats can be hired to row around, there is a BMX track and there is playground equipment for smaller children.

This park will most likely not reopen until all stages of the scales down have passed.

We hope you like these few extra options of spending another day in nature and hope you will enjoy them soon. We would love to receive your pictures if you visit one of the parks or gardens we mentioned.

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