Beautiful Waterfalls

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Nature’s own living paintings


With the arrival of spring and the good weather, we recommend a visit to the most beautiful waterfalls on Costa Blanca.
Most of them form part of protected natural areas. So in addition to a swim, you can also enjoy a hike or a bicycle route through the same area.

Likewise, these waterfalls are a great place to visit in winter or after periods of rain. Because of their increased flow, they allow spectacular views of nature at their best.

The waterfalls of Alcoy

waterfalls in costa blanca

This waterfall, approximately 100 meters high, is located on the Barxell River and passes through Mount El Castelar.
Because of drought most of the year its flow is reduced. However, it changes dramatically after heavy rains in spring and autumn. It almost becomes an obligation for nature lovers to visit it during these times.

Algar, in Callosa d’en Sarrià

waterfalls in costa blanca

These waterfalls are part of ​​”Las Fuentes del Algar” natural area and are considered the most touristic of all. The reason for this is the campsite, picnic areas, the dinosaur theme park, and the many restaurants that surround it. This makes it perfectly suited to spend and enjoy a few days with family in nature. They declared the Algar waterfall area a Protected Humid Zone back in 2002.

The enchanted valley (Barranc de l’Encantada) in Planes

waterfalls in the costa blanca

One of the most beautiful natural pools in the province of Alicante. A spectacular place to spend a day with family and friends. If you want to know more about it, you can read our previous Blog.

The Toll Blau in Banyeres de Mariola

waterfalls in the costa blanca

The waters of the Vinalopó River are the cause of this beautiful waterfall. The beautiful landscape around it deserves as many visits as it takes to enjoy the beauty and tranquility it breaths.

The springs of Xixona

These falls with their small lake-like ponds are the perfect place for a romantic getaway. Since there is a picnic area with lots of shadows to lie down and rest well accompanied. The light that enters between the leaves of the trees and the sound of the waterfall is a real delight.


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