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A bike or walking route. Your choice

Today we let you discover a tour that can be done by mountain bike or on foot. This route through the Barranc de l’encanta (the enchanted ravine) starts in Planes. It is an easy route to enjoy in the company of friends or relatives. The many stops it has made it perfect to rest, chat, and see the landscape.

Let’s get started

The easiest way to get to the start in Planes is by car over the CV-700 national road. From the A-7 tollway or N-332, we take the exit to CV-700 at El Verger that leads west towards Planes. This is a trip of about 35 kilometers. From the other side on the A-7, it is about 12 kilometers from the exit at Muro the Alcoy. We go east towards Benimarfull and Planes.

The route we choose through the Barranc de l’Encanta is the circular route of about 10 kilometers. It is also possible to get close by car to the Gorg del Salt. From here on it is a shorter walk through the ravine to the Molí de l’Encantà. We will also be very close to Vall de Gallinera and we can enjoy the views and tranquility of the area.

The start at Barranc de l’encanta

discover barranc de l'encantà

We start and finish our route to the Barranc de l’encanta in Planes de la Baronia. This village is definitely worth a visit before we start or after we finish our route.

discover barranc de l'encantà

The first part of the route takes us over a steep path that ascends to discover the Santo Cristo hermitage. This hermitage lays on top of the hill next to the village. From there, we have fantastic views of the town of Beniarrés and its reservoir. And the impressive Benicadell crest shows in the background.

We leave this hermitage behind us and we head towards the beginning of the ravine. Several dirt paths and asphalted roads form this part of the route. We walk among terraces of almond, and olive trees as well as cherry trees.

The ravine

discover barranc de l'encantà

We enter the Barranc de l’Encanta, and we arrive at the impressive Gorg del Salt. The high rock walls offer a cool shade during the morning hours to rest and recharge ourselves.

After we have refreshed and recovered strength we continue our walk our route through the ravine. The further we get into the ravine the more encased it becomes. The path gets narrower and the walls get higher. After a while, we pass the Molí de l’Encantada. Unfortunately, nowadays only the ruins of this old structure remain. From this point on the path starts to ascend again and finally we leave the ravine. Meanwhile, the river water down in the ravine is directed towards the Beniarrés Reservoir.

barranc de l'encantà

Once we are out of the ravine we find ourselves back next to terraces of almond, olive, and cherry trees. The path skirts the northwest face of the Sierra del Cantalar mountain in the direction of Planes. After we have arrived back in the town we can take the opportunity to visit the monuments this village has.

barranc de l'encantà

Such as the aqueduct or the local wash place. As well as the Font Nova fountain where we can refresh after we finished the route.


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