Bicycle Route Arenales del Sol – Santa Pola

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A bike tour along the coast

Santa Pola is where we invite you today to get to know Costa Blanca in a different way. We invite you to join us to enjoy the sea breeze and the spectacular view of the Alicante coast. This bike tour starts in Arenales del Sol.

This route of just 12 kilometers is suitable for all audiences.
We will cycle along the well-known lighthouse road, a beautiful road that runs practically above the sea. This road is flat and simple, although there is some traffic. Then we will continue on the promenade, which for several kilometers will take us along the coves of Santa Pola.

santa pola and arenales del sol on the costa blanca

Halfway through we will go through Gran Alacant, where we will come across some rises and descents. These slopes will allow us to enjoy the Mediterranean from the heights. Above all, they are accessible to even the most inexperienced cyclists.

santa pola and arenales del sol on the costa blanca

After you arrive in Santa Pola we recommend that you park the bike and stroll the town on foot. You can also choose to relax and sit on a terrace near the sea to enjoy the views quietly.

santa pola and arenales del sol on the costa blanca

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