Sierra de Aitana route

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The top of Costa Blanca

Today we propose a visit to discover the Sierra de Aitana, the highest mountain range of the Costa Blanca. Obviously, the panoramic views of the area are spectacular.

This is a circular walking route approximately 11 kilometers long. It is recommendable to bring water bottles and some food when you prepare for this walk.

There are several water springs on the walking route, one of them at the start where you can fill your empty bottles.

sierra de aitana route

The start of the walking route

This Sierra de Aitana route starts at the  Partagat fountain, in the municipality of Benifato.

sierra de aitana route

The information sign we see after arriving here tells us where to go. And as we keep on walking, we see the mountains around us, including the Sierra de Bernia.

sierra ed aitana route

Further down the road, this route on the Sierra de Aitana splits into two new roads. We continue along the road on the right.

The next sign we see explains to us that we are on the botanical itinerary of Passet de la Rabosa.

We continue along the path and enjoy the views. In the background, we can see the Castle of Guadalest.

After approximately 2 kilometers we arrive at the first spring, the “Font del Nogal”. The second fountain “Font de Forata” is visible 700 meters further down the road. From there we follow the botanical itinerary.

For some more adventure during our trip, it is an idea to visit the rock formation of the Trinquet. It has rock corridors that you can pass through. These corridors are very narrow so the best thing to do is leave your backpack at the exit. Otherwise, you may not be able to have all the fun possible.

Once back on the main route, we find the “Pas de la Rabosa”. This is the most complicated and entertaining part of the route with rocky steps to climb to some narrow cracks.

These cracks give access to the high part of the mountain range. Watch out in this area, especially when it is wet or frozen because you can slip.

sierra de aitana route

From here we can begin the descent to a small valley, where we will find a sign that indicates the way back to Benifato.

The way back

Before we return back we will ascend to the peak of Aitana to enjoy the spectacular views it offers. While the breeze caresses our faces we can see the Puig Campana with the sea in the background.

From here there are two options to walk down. Either we go down where we came from, to reach the valley and the sign that indicates the road to Benifato. Or we continue the small path that borders the peak’s edge to reach the East Aitana and go down there.

We choose to return over the same path as before and continue towards Benifato. A bit further we see the top of the Peña Alta and we can see a path that leads us there. At this point, we can see the Peñón de Ifach and the Sierra de Bernia.

Thereafter, we continue walking along the main path until we reach the micro-reserve of the “Runar dels Teixos”, where we find one of the snow wells of the Sierra “Clot dels Teixos”.

We descend until we reach a well-signed junction that indicates how to get back to the spring of Partagat.

We hope you enjoy this route as much as we did and do not forget to leave us your comments.


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