A day in Jijona

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Very tasty Turron

You can smell the freshly baked nougat and turron once the cold arrives in Spain. And talking about nougat is talking about Jijona. Therefore we propose a visit to this town in winter and enjoy its many charms.

How to get to the town of Jijona?

This village is located on the CV-800 national road. This road connects to the AP-7 tollway and the N-332 between El Campello and San Joan de Alicante. From here it is about 18 kilometers to get to the town famous for its Turron.

What can you do in Jijona?

Although it is known mainly by the turron industry, Jijona has multiple charms that will delight all who visit. It is a cozy and intimate village located in the valley of the mountains that separate Alicante and Alcoy. About 7200 people live in this town.

the centre of jijona famous for turron and nougat
The old town is beautiful because it has barely changed over the decades. The history of this village is long and diverse and this is visible in the local architecture. As a result, you can appreciate the influence of the civilizations that have passed through here. Many houses have a history of hundreds or even more years. Some of them even show a clear Arab influence. Unesco recognizes the historic town center for its beauty and for maintaining the original structures in such good condition. We recommend you bring your camera because the houses show spectacular shades and forms that invite you to be photographed.
the church of jijona, famous for nougat and turron

The church

The Santa Maria church lays in the center of the village. The entrance porch of this church stands out and offers beautiful views over Jijona. Several times this porch has been restored throughout history and original construction details are preserved. Along with commemorative plaques that explain which curiosities have happened here. Furthermore, we can see old and new structures and understand the changes that Jijona has undergone over the years.

When you continue to climb you will find yourself at the foot of the town castle. The remains are all that is left of it and access into the ruin is not allowed.the castle of jijona, famous for turron and nougat
Jaime I conquering this castle is the reason why this town celebrates the Moors and Christians festival. These traditional festivities are celebrated in summer and are recognized for their color and spectacularity.moros and cristianos in jijona, nougat and turron
The municipality has lots of bike and cycle routes to offer besides the visit to the nougat shops. As a result of its location between the mountains, numerous routes are spread out around the town.

What can you eat in Jijona?

Jijona offers many other interesting things besides the famous nougat. We highlight some of them with pleasure.

The Raval oven in Jijona

This ancient bread oven has medieval characteristics and according to historical documents, it dates back to the sixteenth century. Experts say it is believed to be one of the oldest in the Valencian Community and a true architectural gem. The most impressive is that nowadays this oven keeps functioning at full capacity.

In addition, the pastry shops are very famous for their curious pastries that have almonds as the main ingredient. Pastries such as iguales, muffins, and tortadas are well known and liked in this town and far beyond.


local jijona food
As for gastronomy, Jijona has a wide range of recipes. For example, there is Llegum (a stew of pork and beans) as well as xeleré (rice with chickpeas and pork sausage). Furthermore, there is pericana (mix of bread, dried peppers, and cod) and the giraboix (boiled potato and cod).


The one thing Jijona is most known for is the nougat, they call it Turron here. Many people eat Turron during the Christmas holidays and because of that lots of it is produced in December. This makes it the perfect month to walk through the streets of the village and smell the sweet aromas that hang in the air. The nougat factories open all year and you can visit them whenever you want. However, after the almond harvest in autumn is the best time.

All nougat factories present their products at the Christmas Fair in the main street of the village.


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