A day in Pinoso

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Wines, marble & footwear

Today we spend a day in Pinoso, a town of gastronomy, wines, marble, and footwear. One of those villages that is worth visiting from time to time to enjoy its streets and especially its food.

How to get there?

a day in pinoso

The town of Pinoso is situated 60 kilometers inland from Alicante. By car, the most direct route is to take the A-31 towards Albacete and use the exit to the CV-83 just before Elda. You will reach the town after approximately 25 kilometers on this road. Public transport by bus will take you about an hour and a half from the Alicante bus terminal through Novelda.

Things to do during a day in Pinoso?

Marble and Wine House

a day in pinoso

The first option we present of things to do is to start the day with a visit to the House of Marble and Wine. A beautiful museum building that offers a view of the history of its two main industries: wine and marble.

a day in pinoso

Inside this museum, they display rudimentary machinery from the quarries. As well as a short exhibition of destinations where the Pinoso marble is shipped to.

a day in pinoso

Another part of the museum is dedicated to the production of wine. Here they show their history of winemaking, Pinoso even had more than 400 wineries in the 19th century.

In addition, there is a large exposition of old documents of ecological fairs and agricultural instruments of those times.

The Marble Quarry of Monte Coto

A visit to this quarry to learn how they extract their famous marble is truly impressive, and clearly one of the things to do in Pinoso. It is a very large quarry and on top of that, it is the largest open-air mining exploitation in Europe.


It has a height of 300 meters and an inclination of about 68 degrees. Be aware that you have to register at the local tourist office in Pinoso for a scheduled visit. It is not possible to visit this mine on your own.

The Pinoso Winery

Another place to visit in Pinoso to learn more about it is the winery of the Pinoso cooperative. The owners founded this winery in 1932 and it is the main producer of the Wines of Alicante.


The reason for this is the approximately seven million kilos of grapes they process each year. That amount converts to about 5.5 million liters of wine per year.

In addition, to put more value in the Pinoso winery, more than half of its wine area is produced ecologically. Because of that, it is the winery of the Valencian Community with the largest production of ecological wine. You can only visit the winery if you call them and reserve a day to visit them. The price of a visit is 4€ per person, and there is a 10 person minimum.

The clock tower of Pinoso

One thing you should not pass during a touristic visit to Pinoso is one of its most emblematic monuments. The clock inside the tower is more than 100 years. It is one clock with four separate spheres, one on each of the 4 cardinal points. A visit to this tower must be booked at the tourist office.

It is worth it because inside you can appreciate the beauty of the machinery when the chimes sound every hour. The curious thing about this clock is that they still wind it every day.


On top of that, the panoramic view on top of the bell tower is amazing.

Food fair of Pinoso

The town celebrates a special local food fair (Mostra de la cuina del Pinós) in February and March. During this fair, the local restaurants prepare and offer special menus. This is a perfect occasion to taste this delicious local cuisine.


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