New Year’s Resolutions

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2019 has come to an end and with that, we welcome a new year. As usual, many people reflected on last year and they have come up with their new year’s resolutions, to make some positive changes in their lives. We have not only said goodbye to a year but also to the second decade of this century, so that is an extra reason to make some healthy changes and TheCostaBlancaGuide is happy to help you begin.

Stop Smoking

new year's resolutions, sto psmoking

Many smokers feel that the beginning of the new year is the best moment to stop smoking and become more healthy. Lots of them have been smoking for a long period of time and it can be a real challenge to stop smoking. A good way to stop smoking cigarettes is by using nicotine bandages. Another way is to start vaping with an e-cigarette. If you want help how to use these products or if you want more information TheCostaBlancaGuide advises you to contact or visit NOVA86 in Albir. The owner Vanessa can explain you all you want to know about the products she sells to help you quit this nasty habit.

Losing weight using hypnosis


new year's resolutions,, lose weight

Besides giving up smoking lots of people also decide they want to lose weight and live more healthy. Just like giving up nicotine, trying to lose weight can be a big battle as well. If you have already tried multiple diets and you keep bouncing back to your usual weight maybe it is time for a different approach. Have you thought about hypnosis yet as a way to help you get your goals? Get in contact with Hypnotist June from La Nucia and discuss how she can get you on track. Not only can she help with losing weight using hypnosis she can also help you stop smoking.

Learn a hobby

new year's resolutions, starting a hobby

Nowadays we all know the feeling, of being rushed into things or experience stress during our days. Always connected to the world, our job and our family obligations make us forget about enjoying time to ourselves and our hobbies. Why not start this new decade with some me-time and start a new hobby, for example, diamond painting? The goal is to glue little glittering stones to a picture pre-printed on canvas. You can even choose your very own picture as a base, just get in contact with Myra Works Diamond Painting in Torrevieja and Murielle will explain to you how to order and to begin.

Living Healthy

In general living healthy does not need to be a new year’s resolution, we should always take care of our mind and body. A good way to make sure our body is healthy is to visit a chiropractor or physiotherapist on a regular basis. A good chiropractor like Kiro Nilsson in Alfaz del Pi starts with a full spinal analysis to tell you which parts need to be worked on to restore the connection between your body and your brain.

Physio Plus is Albir is a renowned physiotherapist who can offer you specific exercises that help you overcome injuries or improve performance for your sport. They even have a state of the art modern golf simulator to help you practice and get a better technique.

And last but not least….your contribution to a better environment

What a lot of people don’t know is that Spain has the dubious honor of being the largest plastic waste contributor in Europe. So instead of buying water in plastic bottles, you can decide to install a drinking water filter in your home. Visit or contact Johan at Ecofilters in Alfaz del Pi and let him explain how you can take your part of the responsibility, and at the same time stop yourself from carrying all those water bottles around.


We hope that this year brings you and your loved ones all the prosperity you wished for and we also hope that the recommendations we have given you will help you achieve your new year’s resolutions. We know that this coming year we will keep improving to present you more and better blogs, more businesses in our guide and more events to present to you all.


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